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Skill Builder Series - C, C++ and Linux The course teaches the development of programming logic as well as the core language. Object Oriented Programming concepts are built on Classes, Objects, operator overloading, inheritance, etc. This course explains the implementation of OOP concept in C++ Language. This course also gives in depth knowledge of the Linux Operating System. At the end of the course the student will be able to write C programs and use OOP Concepts in programming. Student will also be able to work in Linux environment. This course will help them to use commands for working with directories, use an editor, and manage and administer the network(s). .
Who will the course benefit?
The course will benefit students and professionals who wish to become C, C++ Programmers and work on the Linux platform..
What skills will the student gain?
The course will skill the student for: The course will skill the student for:
Write pseudocodes and draw flowcharts to solve programming problems
Understand the fundamentals of programming
Write C programs using the syntax of C
Use Pointers and Arrays
Create Class and Object
Inherit the base class into the child class
Write and read from the text fie
Overload the operators and functions Use directory command
Use file commands
Work with 'vi' Editor
Use Shell Scripts
System Administration
Network Administration
Samba Suite
Apache Web Server

The Course requires the students to be familiar with computer basics.
Duration 172 hours
Certification Certificate of Proficiency

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