List of Courses
Skill Builder Series - C and C++ A combination of C and C++ provide the student with a strong foundation in programming logic and techniques. The student also gets exposed to advanced programming concepts like OOP, data structures, functions, etc. This is a must for students who want a strong base in programming.
Who will the course benefit?
The course is ideal for students and working professionals wishing to gain expertise in C Programming language. This course is also beneficial for Engineering and Science students who require knowledge of C and C++ programming as a part of their syllabus.
What skills will the student gain?
The course will skill the student for:
Write pseudocodes and draw flowcharts to solve programming problems
Understand the fundamentals of programming
Write C programs using the syntax of C
Use Pointers and Arrays
Create Class and object
Inherit the child class from base class
Read from the text file and write into the same
Overload the operators and functions

The course requires the students to be familiar with computer fundamentals and Windows Explorer
Duration 116 hours
Certification Certificate of Proficiency

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