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SQL Server 2005 is a RDBMS package from Microsoft. It offers a very high degree of performance and scalability for applications running in client/server and n-tier architectures. It is largely used in Medium sized establishments. At the end of this course the student will be able to understand RDBMS concepts and implement them by working with SQL Server 2005.
Who will the course benefit?
The course will benefit students who want to pursue a career in database programming and IT professionals who want to move to SQL programming
What skills will the student gain?
The course will skill the student for: RDBMS concepts
SQL Server features and architecture
Features related to storage and retrieval of data from SQL Server
Integrity features with stored data
Indexes and views
Programming language features of Transact-SQL
Creating XML documents to display SQL Server data

Pre-requisities The course requires the student to have prior knowledge of Computer Fundamentals and Basic Programming Concepts
40 hours
Certificate of Proficiency

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